jueves, 11 de septiembre de 2008

Comentaris a “Tradició lliterària, identitat y model de llengua pròpia en Valéncia?” d’Àngel V. Calpe.

The author points out that there has been a long specifically Valencian literary tradition that has shaped the cultural identity of the Valencian people. It is reported that current problems of identity and about the language of Valencians come from losing this tradition, that has been regarded by some scholars as low in quality because of the model of language in which it was written.

In fact, this anomalous situation is related to the attempts of Catalan linguistic planning to deny literary status to the Valencian language. Admitting that the modern Catalan language is mainly based on the dialect spoken in Barcelona, all literature written outside that model of language is considered dialectal and inaccurate for usual reading, teaching or learning. The attempts to form a substandard variety of the Catalan language for the use of Valencian people has caused many distortions in the confidence and linguistic identity of its users.

The need of a specific codification for the Valencian language connected with its own literary tradition and the current speech of its users, whithin the framework of the Occitano-Romance diasystem, is established as essential for a good and positive language planning in Valencia and for overcoming the current linguistic conflict among the users of this language.

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